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Mike McGarry is a Content Developer for Magoosh with over 20 years of teaching experience and a BS in Physics and an MA in Religion, both from Harvard. He enjoys hitting foosballs into orbit, and despite having no obvious cranial deficiency, he insists on rooting for the NY Mets. Follow him on Google+!
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The Word “Or” in GMAT Math

Consider the following scenario. Suppose you solve for all the numbers in a Venn Diagram, in a scenario in which 200 students are taking AP Chemistry, AP Literature, both, or neither. Here are the results you find. OK, from this solved Venn diagram, there’s a ton we know: total in AP Chemistry = 50 + […]

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Counting Practice Problems for the GMAT

1) A librarian has 4 identical copies of Hamlet, 3 identical copies of Macbeth, 2 identical copies of Romeo and Juliet, and one copy of Midsummer’s Night Dream. In how many distinct arrangements can these ten books be put in order on a shelf? (A) 720 (B) 1,512 (C) 2,520 (D) 6,400 (E) 12,600   […]

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GMAT Practice Problems: Variables in the Answer Choices

1) Jennifer can buy watches at a price of B dollars per watch, which she marks up by a certain percentage before selling. If she makes a total profit of T by selling N watches, then in terms of B and T and N, what is the percent of the markup from her buy price […]

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GMAT Practice Problems: Similar Geometric Figures

Here are four practice problems involving similar figures. 1) In the figure, KLMN is a square, and angle KJN = 45°.  Find the area of figure JKLMN. 2) In the diagram, HJLM is a square, and GH = 10.  Find the area of trapezoid GHJK. 3) In the diagram, BD = 5, CD = 10, […]

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GMAT Practice Problems on Coordinate Geometry

1) The line shown passes through the point (A, 30).  Which of the following is closest to the value of A? 58 59 60 61 62 2) Line A has a slope of and passes through the point (–2, 7).  What is the x-intercept of Line A? 3) Line J passes through the points (– […]

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How to Improve Your GMAT Verbal Score

Some people, stereotypically American students, are more comfortable with verbal information and find math challenging.  Other students, especially native speakers of other languages, find the math do-able, but find the GMAT Verbal section daunting.  In both math and verbal, there are the individual facts and individual strategies to know, and then there’s the good instincts, […]

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Challenging GMAT Problems with Exponents and Roots

Here are twelve challenging problems related to the topic of exponents & roots.  Remember, no calculator. (A) 17 (B) 19 (C) 21 (D) 23 (E) 27 4) Rank the following quantities in order, from smallest to biggest. (A) I, II, III (B) I, III, II (C) II, I, III (D) III, I, II (E) III, […]

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GMAT Practice Problems on Motion

Here are five practice questions.  Remember: no calculator. 1) A car, moving at a constant speed, covers 100 m in 5 seconds.  What is the car’s speed in km/hr? (1 km = 1000 m) 20 km/hr 54 km/hr 60 km/hr 72 km/hr 90 km/hr 2) Frank and Georgia started traveling from A to B at […]

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GMAT Practice Problems: Sequences

Here are eight practice problems on Sequences. 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, … 1) In the sequence above, each term is 9 more than the previous term.  What is the 41st term of the sequence? 360 365 369 374 383 2) What is the difference between the fourth and third terms of the sequence […]

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GMAT Practice Problems: Sets

Here are four reasonably challenging problems about sets. 1) At a certain school of 200 students, the students can study French, Spanish, both or neither. Just as many study both as study neither.  One quarter of those who study Spanish also study French.  The total number who study French is 10 fewer than those who […]

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