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Mike McGarry is a Content Developer for Magoosh with over 20 years of teaching experience and a BS in Physics and an MA in Religion, both from Harvard. He enjoys hitting foosballs into orbit, and despite having no obvious cranial deficiency, he insists on rooting for the NY Mets. Follow him on Google+!
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How to Teach the GMAT

Most people would say that the GMAT is hard, and indeed, it’s no walk in the park, but I would argue that the hardest part of this topic lies in the first three words of this blog post.  Teaching is an art that develops with experience.  I was fortunate to have done classroom teaching in […]

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Getting a Good GMAT Score

In previous blogs, I have spoken about what constitutes a good GMAT score, how hard is the GMAT, and the possibility of a GMAT retake.  In some sense, almost every article on this blog is about getting a good GMAT score.  In this blog, I want to address one important paradox that eludes many folks […]

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The Infinitive of Purpose on GMAT Sentence Correction

First, some practice questions. 1) Snakes molt their skins regularly, for the purpose of regenerating skin worn by ground contact and for eliminating parasites, like ticks and mites, and this made ancient people venerate the snake as a symbol of resilience and healing. (A) for the purpose of regenerating skin worn by ground contact and […]

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GMAT Math: The Uses and Abuses of Formulas

First, a few practice problems: 1) In the figure above, AC = BC = 8, angle C = 90°, and the circular arc has its center at point C.   Find the area of the shaded region. 2)  Employees at a company will vote for an executive team of five people from eight qualified candidates.  The […]

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GMAT Paper Tests for Practice

Long long ago, in the deep recesses of  history, say, around the time that Bill Clinton was in office, the GMAT was not given on the computer at all!  Back in those quaint old-fashioned days, people would actually go to a physical location and take a paper version of the GMAT.   As incredible as that […]

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Compound Interest on the GMAT

First, a few practice problems.  Remember: no calculator! 1) If $5,000,000 is the initial amount placed in an account that collects 7% annual interest, which of the following compounding rates would produce the largest total amount after two years? compounding annually compounding quarterly compounding monthly compounding daily All four of these would produce the same […]

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Verbals on the GMAT Sentence Correction

First, a few GMAT Sentence Correction Practice questions. 1) During the Hundred Days conflict, the Royal British Navy blockaded all the ports of France, and also prevented Napoleon to escape to North America after his defeat at Waterloo. and also prevented Napoleon to escape but prevented Napoleon from escaping thereby preventing Napoleon from escaping for […]

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GMAT Grammar: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

This is a funny grammar topic.  It’s so basic, that it would not be tested directly on a GMAT Sentence Correction question, and yet getting clear on these issues can clear up some confusion about grammar questions.   Direct Object The direct object is the noun that receives the action of the verb.  The subject […]

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GMAT Advanced Probability Problems

In the following probability problems, problems #1-3 function as a set, problems #4-5 are another set, and problems #6-7 are yet another set.  The scenarios are all similar in a set, and the answer choices for those problems in the same set are the same.  What is going on there?  Do all questions in the […]

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How Long Should I Study for the GMAT?

The most general answer to this question, to the most general non-specific reader, would be, either “it depends” or “the longer, the better“, both of them frustratingly vague and unenlightening.  Let’s talk about some factors which may come into play when considering how long to study for the GMAT.   Considerations 1) The first consideration […]

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