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Chris Lele

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Chris Lele has been helping students excel on the GRE, GMAT, and SAT for the last 10 years. He is the Lead Content Developer and Tutor for Magoosh. His favorite food is wasabi-flavored almonds. Follow him on Google+!
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GMAT Sentence Correction Workout: The Summative Modifier

Example: If medical researchers are correct, then the human microbiome, made up of the microorganisms in our body, may hold the cure to diseases that have long plagued humanity, amounting to a major oversight in Western medicine that has, until recently, all but ignored any such role of the microbiome. (A) humanity, amounting to a […]

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GMAT Math: Strange Symbols

The GMAT often features quant questions with strange symbols. These symbols should not fluster you too much as long as you remember that they do not represent standard mathematical notation. Instead, the symbols pertain only to the problem and are defined by the GMAT (or whatever prep material you happen to be using). Let’s have […]

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GRE to GMAT Score Conversion

Have you just taken the GRE and do you wonder what you would get on the GMAT? Did you applying to b-school with a GRE score and do you want to see how you stack up against the GMAT competition? In both cases, you will definitely want to know the GRE to GMAT score conversion. […]

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Best GMAT Books and Resources 2015

Wondering which GMAT study materials are the most up to date and comprehensive in 2015? Look no further. We reviewed the most popular GMAT study materials on the market, and updated our list of the best GMAT resources available. Enjoy!   The first step in preparing for the GMAT is finding the best resources. With […]

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GMAT Book Review: Manhattan GMAT, Critical Reasoning Guide

Critical Reasoning is one of the more difficult sections on the GMAT to teach. A difficult section then invites a variety of methods to hack it. And while I am only one tutor out of potentially thousands, I simply do not think Manhattan GMAT’s approach to teaching Critical Reasoning is effective. I could of course […]

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MGMAT Reading Comprehension (Guide 7) Book Review

Reading Comprehension strategies do not differ much between books. Essentially, most prep books will tell you to read for the big picture. MGMAT Reading Comprehension book is no different in this regard. It does, however, build upon some of the usual strategies, thereby providing a strong base for Reading Comprehension.   Is it as good […]

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Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction (Guide 8) Book Review

If Sentence Correction prep for the GMAT were an automobile, and we watched the various publishers drive by, so to speak, the following scenario would take place. The Kaplan-mobile would putter by, a used contraption that, during its heyday, was a serviceable car at best. We would barely see the next car, as it spews […]

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Manhattan GMAT Math (Guides 1-5) Book Review

Overview MGMAT has compiled what is most likely the most thorough, in-depth, and rigorous approach to GMAT Quant. Ever. Does that mean using the Math guides will help your math score soar? Most likely, yes. In fact, if you diligently work through the guides (Guide 1: Number Properties, Guide 2 Fractions, Decimals & Percents, Guide […]

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Kaplan GMAT 800 Eighth Edition Book Review

Kaplan 800 builds off of the basic concepts covered in the Kaplan GMAT book, providing ample practice questions and helpful strategies to contend with some of the more difficult. However, the book is by no means perfect: many of the questions aren’t even close to the 800-level. Sentence Correction questions contain answer choices that can […]

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Princeton Review Cracking the GMAT 2012 Book Review

Overview The Princeton Review’s Cracking the GMAT book is very sparse on fundamentals and heavy on process of elimination, i.e. nifty test gimmicks. Of course when one reads this book, one may think that they are actually “cracking” the test: the questions are very easy, and Princeton Review almost seems to be nudging you smugly […]

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